Monday, September 29, 2008

What is an Architecture Inspired pendant?

What is that?
It's a line, squares, dots, circles that composed together to make a necklace.

The design concept is taken from basic Architecture forms, i. e: dot and lines. Those two then evolves to geometric shapes. From two dots, you can form a line. From three lines, you can make a triangle.

These geometric shapes then put together, cold connect and adorn with colorful glass beads to make this pendant. That's why I called in Architecture inspired necklace because it derived from basic geometric shape which you can find everywhere around you. You can check out my other piece by clicking "Architecture Inspired" label.

Most of the connections are movable. That's what makes my piece is unique. I wear this necklace at my second cousin's wedding.

Many people compliments my necklace. Their eyes even turn even wider when they found out that I made it myself.

It even fits perfectly with my dress neckline and color.

What do you think?...

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