Tuesday, January 6, 2015

10 Strategies to help boost your creativity

Top 10 strategies to help boost your creativity.

10. Work in a peaceful, relaxing  place.
  9. Drinking your favorites drink helps. Margarita makes me dizzy. I'd go with a cup of tea...
  8. Observe... sometimes nature helps with your creativity ( including cloud gazing )
  7. Write down 100 ideas... usually after number 75, your have one of the most greatest ideas.
  6. Visit a museum, gallery, art shows. Do not copy the idea. You are looking for an inspiration...
  5. When you are stuck, do your chores, including laundry or clean up the kitchen.
  4. Talk to other friends.
  3. Doodles... on the napkin, on a piece of toilet paper. Sometimes right after shower would be the
      best time to get creative.
  2. Watch movies.
  1. Experiment with color, texture, shapes.
And don't forget to share some other ideas that works.

PS: I see a flying elephant in the cloud... What do you see?