Saturday, February 27, 2010

I make table skirt myself

I need a table skirt. My table size is 48X24X35 inch, which is not a standard size. No,... I don't sew. I only do straight line. But I think I could do it.

I bought 100% cotton material with 44 inch wide fabric. Another alternatives could be linen or polyester and cotton. For 2 tables, I need 7.5 yards. Because the store only have about 7 yard, I decided to buy .5 yard in a different color.

First, I cut enough fabric for the top cover. With the wrong side facing out, I tape it with masking tape just to make sure it doesn't move. Using crayon, I rub the edge of the table and the middle of the table. Take the fabric out from the table.

Then, I take the fabric to cover the side of the table, cover the sides according to the height of the table, tape it and mark it including the middle of the fabric.

Then put the top cover back on the table and match the lines from the two fabrics starting in the middle, working out, with both wrong side facing out.

I baste those to fabric and then turn the right side out, just to make sure it looks as I expected before I sew it.

When everything looks fine, then I saw it, cut left over fabric and making sure all sewing done right. It's done.

As I was making the second table skirt, I notice the fabric gets wrinkle easily. I think if I could re do it, I would choose a different fabric. Just a thought.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines' Day...

My daughters are so excited for V day party. Coming from school, they came back home with a bag full of V day's treat... candies and card... It feels like Halloween...

I checked on the calendar just to make sure that it is February and Valentine's day. It used to be just cards... nowadays I see more and more stores carry Valentine's day cards and candy.

Just my curiosity, I searched the history of Valentine's day. Valentine cards didn't start until 1840. It was made from lace known as "scrap". I guess centuries later, it evolved to be a Valentine candy? or Valentine chocolate?

I'm pretty much indifferent whether it's candy or card. I think the most important thing is the thought behind it. BTW.. I'm still up for chocolate...:)

What do you think? What would you like to receive as a Valentine gift?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Yes... I watched Avatar....

After several try, I finally watched Avatar...
I don't think I need to write a synopsis on it... I think it's a good Hollywood movie. I could guess how the movie will end... The use of 3D, gives an impression that you are part of the movie. Pandora reminds me the deep end of Amazon... (not that I've been there... I saw Amazon from Nat Geo)

Few days after watching Avatar, I kept thinking how beautiful Pandora is... And wondering if we should all move

What do you think?