Monday, April 26, 2010

Things to do in O'hare area

If you are looking for a nice walking area, with local shops and restaurants to go to, try Long Grove. It's located about 30 minutes north from O'hare/Schaumburg area.

We were there early Spring. The flower starts blooming, ducks are out for food ( they are tame ) and nice warm sun, it's truly a nice place to walk and enjoy the day.

There's a shop where they sell candies and also one of my favorite is the back porch where they sell chimes for your garden.

It's one of my favorite place to go... what do you think?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Asian Noodle House Hoffman Estate Illinois

I don't talks about food too often... but when I do, the food is something that give a long last impression... a.k.a good...

We had lunch at Asian Noodle House. Someone told me about the off the menu item. Few of those mentioned including Laksa, Cendol, Roti Chanai, Nasi Lemak... (ask the waitress/waiter)

Laksa, a noodle with hot curry soup with tofu, egg and chicken. It's really spicy hot. If you like spicy food and adventurous, you should try this. It has a long lasting heat in your body...

I also ordered Cendol, a coconut milk drink with green tapioca. Hainan Chicken is good too. It comes with ginger scallion sauce that is so yummy.

I was told Nasi Lemak is good, but I didn't order as too much for lunch.

The price is very reasonable, the service was fast. There is a huge decor on the wall depicting people grow rice in Asia and the room was bright. The food... is good...

And sure, I would like to come back for more...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fox River Trail Waukesha

Looking for biking trail in Waukesha? Other than Glacial Drumlin, there is a Fox River Trail.

You can catch it on the corner of W College and Sentry Drive, where Glacial Drumlin and Fox River trail meets. (About 300 yards or so west of EB Shurts)

Fox River trail will take you down to Fox River Parkway. It's a nice, flat, paved trail. There is a place, close to the new Target in Sunset, where you can stop and see a board walk scenery. When we were there, the boardwalk was closed due to flood damage. So, I could only take a picture...

If you have small children with you, it will also pass Fox River Parkway Park. It has a nice play set.

So, next time you're biking through Waukesha, don't forget Fox River Trail...:)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Meadowbrook Spring Blast 2010

Yes.... it's about the time for Meadowbrook Spring blast May 16, 2010 at Western Lakes Golf Club.

It's once a year event to celebrate spring, do fund raising while having fun...
New this year... fun and game wrist band

Here a sampling of auction items...
Are Sports Your Thing?
Badger tickets, Wave tickets, Admiral tickets, Brewers attire,
Passes to Waukesha County Ice Rinks, Archery Time for six,
Revolutions Twirling Club Gift basket, 2 week pass to a Peak Performance Boot Camp,
Stamped Autographed Packers Football, 09/10

Rainy Day Excursion?
Passes to the Museum of Science and Industry, Cave of the Mounds, Waukesha County Museum, the Shedd Aquarium, Gymboree Play and Music

Music Anyone?
8 sets of 4 seats to the concert of your choice at Meadowbrook next year!
One months free guitar lessons with Ben Janzow, the guitarist for “Dirty Boogie”
One months free drumming lessons with Tom Hagen, the drummer for “Dirty Boogie”
An Electric Archer Guitar, Milwaukee Symphony Tickets, Waukesha Symphony Tickets

Need an Evening Away?
Waukesha Civic Theater tickets, Pewaukee Lake Pontoon Package

Tired of Cooking?
Gift certificates to Casa Del Rio, The Gasthaus, Catering Package from Chris Wright (he is the head chef at Western Lakes), Olive Garden, Panera Bread, Stir Crazy, Applebees, Mitchell’s Fish Market, Charro’s, Carrabba’s, Dinner for Two from Neeta Desai and many others

Have a Special “American Girl”
in your Life?
An American Girl bunk bed and bedding.
An American Girl bed, with bedding and pajamas for both the doll and the daughter!

Something Incredible?
Mary Kay Basket Art work
Homemade Birthday Cake Silpada Jewelry
Creative Memories basket Lia Sophia Jewelry
Laser Tag Party Package Reiki Massage
Passes to the Big Backyard Parlux Fragances
Handmade Jewelry Family Fun Basket
Soccer Surprise Party Spice Basket
Gold Canyon Candles Noodles Basket
Hydro Massage Gourmet Basket
Touch of Glaze Basket Baking Basket
2 – ½ cords of fire wood Salon Products
Family Pack of Hair Cuts Allo’ Chocolate
Buffalo Wild Wings Basket Starbucks Basket
Cross-Stitch Pieces Hair Products
Gold Canyon Cleaning Products
Land’s End Umbrella and Travel Bag
3 Hand drawn Georgia O’Keefe Flowers
Char-Broil Heatwave Infrared Gas Grill with a meat
package from Richards Fine Meats
A vintage bottle of Pinot Noir called “46 diamonds”

More items to come... Please check back for more updates.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Snow storm in April

Something is not quite right in this picture. The grass is green, the outdoor furniture is out but there is snow on he ground. Yupe...April snow storm in Wisconsin.

It's during Spring break... We stayed put... just enjoying the view.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hanko stamp, an East Asia seal

I had a pen friend in Japan. When she wrote to me, she would put a red circle stamp in the letter.

In 2009, when I had a chance to stop in Japan, I asked my friend Cynthia about the red circle and she told me that it is called "Hanko"

Generally, Japanese would put their last name in the Hanko. It works like a signature, where you could pretty much sign a legal document with a Hanko.

I don't think it applicable in the US. So, I decided to ordered two for me. One in each name.

Since I have an English name, she would order it in Katakana. My name is Conny, in Katakana it would be "ko-ni". Same thing with my last name. Here is a picture of a Katakana.

It cost me no more than ordering a stamp in the US, but it is so beautiful and artistically well done.

I decided to use it for my magnetic bookmark that is made from Japanese paper.

So, when you order my magnetic bookmark, it is not only is hand made, but it is personally signed by me, in Japanese...

To learn more about my pieces, please visit

Thursday, April 1, 2010