Monday, August 12, 2013

Who is Mardiah

I recently went to Indonesia and met my old friend, Diah. She's my friend at architecture school.

She uses fabric as her medium. Like the one in this picture, she's using sequins to add color and design in a piece of fabric which eventually will become part of a dress.
Since we both "architect" and we have similar "wave length", we decided to team up to add some themed collections.

Diah made her own tool. She usually works with rayon, silk, cotton. Her own home made tools, resit dye process and her architecture background made her design so unique. You could see the lines and geometric shapes in her design.  to design her fabric. 

What do you think?

I know what I did this summer... I taught "idea-it" programs at Westminster Parks and Recs.

This has been a fun Summer for me. I did something new this year. I taught several idea-it classes at

Westminster Parks and Recs. The goal is to get kids excited about design, engineering and art. Using engineering process, they designed and build a model of an object. This was a brige-it project where students designed a bridge for Mr. and Mrs. Corn to safely cross a 3 ft span.

Students drew their design plan, build it, test it, fix it and test it again to meet the "client" needs.
With a background in Architectural Engineering, this is a fun way for me to spend summer. Wouldn't you agree?

Can't get enough idea-it? Watch for my Fall Schedule at Westminster Parks and Recs and the surrounding Broomfield County. Hope to see you then..?