Monday, December 21, 2015

Opal Coffee is now available on Amazon...

Just have to say I am glad to find Opal Coffee listed on Amazon. 
What is so special? It's a great coffee + convenience. What you need is just a cup and hot water. No special machine washing needed, no special gadget needed, no cleaning needed. 

This is the youtube link on how to use it.

Easy to brew Sumatra Wahana Estate coffee. They have their own plantation where they grow from seed to coffee product.  A coffee worth trying... Wouldn't you agree?

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Boo... Halloween Treats for Coffee Drinkers

This HALOWEEN, when you go out trick or treating with your kids, keep and eye of a 
MEDIEVAL QUEEN in PURPLE, walking up and down Yale, Antora Peak and Wheeler Pt., between 6-7 PM in Anthem, Broomfield.
Ask if her name is Opal...

She has some COFFEE goodies for you... 


Friday, October 9, 2015

Disecting Keurig Cups to find what's inside K-Cup

My daughter, who is very curious, saw a Keurig cup in her orthodontist office. Instead of making hot cocoa for herself and I, we decided to take 2 cups home to see the inside.

We brought home a coffee and a tea cup. Here are the tools we use.

  • Jeweler saw
  • Scissors
  • Scale
  • Measuring cup
  • Paper

I have heard so many news about Keurig cups filling in landfill. I looked closely and it looks like it's made from plastic #15. Not sure what is that mean. 

Using jeweler saw, we cut the cup in half. This is what we found. There is plastic component that is holding a small coffee filter inside. 

Total coffee ground inside the cup is about 10 gram. 

I found no plastic component inside the tea cup

Total tea inside the cup is about 5 gram

I looked on the website to see how Keurig works.
It helps me understand why the have to "hang" the filter as the brewed coffee and tea will come out from the bottom part. After people are done brewing the coffee, they throw away the cups and clean the machine. 

My question is about plastic component with hot water. I am not too keen pouring boiling water in a plastic pot because I am worry it will contaminate the drink. It's just my opinion...

Disclaimer: This activity is just to show kids can explore anything they are curious about. I am not endorsed by any coffee company. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Horse back riding at Rocky Mountain National Park

Sombrero Ranch has been our choice for horse back riding. They have many different stables including one in Rocky Mountain National Park. So when we had a chance to go to RMNP, we had a horse ride in Glacier Creek Stable.

We decided to take a 2 hour ride costs about $55. After we signed our waiver, we waited for a few minutes as they are preparing the horses. My horse name is Virginia and our tour guide is Mary Kay. Each rider is offered a helmet. Every person got a tiny purse for our personal belonging. I was prepared with water, poncho ( I didn't know they prepared rain coat for each rider), cell phone and gum.

It was a perfect weather, not too hot, not too cold, with view of Sprague lake, mountain range and creeks.   At one point we stopped to make sure the sadle are tight. The rider just need to make sure the horse doesn't much on the way.

My horse is very nice. She knows exactly where she is going... Very nice horse that made me think to come back just to visit her...

The guide was nice and I plan to visit Sombrero ranch on a different location...

Monday, September 7, 2015

Outdoor enthusiast coffee drinks

Would like to have a fresh tasting coffee while you are out camping, hiking, skiing or anywhere? Dreaded with the old coffee in your bottle you had it yesterday?

Fear no more... Opal personal drip coffee has come to the rescue... It comes in a personal sized coffee filter bag, filled with Sumatera coffee, vacuum packed and it's ready anytime, anywhere...

No coffee machine needed, no cleaning up needed ( you do need to wash your coffee cup...). Just throw the ground coffee in a composting bean and you are ready for the day. 
Wouldn't you agree?

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Extracting DNA from a strawberry

"Mommy, I'm bored..." Yes... you've heard it so many times. Especially during Summer. You've tried your best from Khan academy to making oobleck at home... I found this youtube video about DNA extracting and this one really catches her attention. First... I talked about DNA and chromosome and cell... Then on the day she said I am bored, I was ready with the activity.

She prepared the materials, I helped with the measurements. Following the step by step instructions, she was so excited to be able to extract DNA from a strawberry.

One of the boredom busters you can try this summer... What do you think?

Monday, August 31, 2015

A tour to a coffee processing plant in Sumatera,

On our last trip to Indonesia, we visited Sumatera... The island where you find the famous Sumatera coffee. I was lucky to be able to tour the processing plant, taste and bring some Opal coffee home.
It was pretty an educational tour. First, coffee beans are actually green... not brown like what most people have seen in the grocery stores. It came in variety of size and quality. This picture to show the beans, right from the farmers, the right one is the selected beans.

Beans were selected by machine and by hands. It went through several stages of machine process and hand picking to separate dusts, debris ( = unwanted items ) to the very selected beans.It then collected in a big jute bags for shipping to the coffee roaster

We toured the roasting room where you can smell a very nice ground coffee smell. This is cute, smiley face machine ( that's my daughter thinks) is a coffee roaster. It takes about 20 min each load.

Then it get cooled and ready to ground to make the best coffee drinks. Yum...