Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm on Etsy Treasury...

Wow... I'm on Etsy Treasury...

For those who doesn't know what is Etsy Treasury, you can learn in detail here.

Basically, Etsy user can create list of items and put it in the "Treasury".

What is so special being in the Treasury...?
First, it's so hard to grab a Treasury. It is limited up to a certain number.
Then once he or she can "grab" it, he or she choose a theme. In this case, " Hip To Be Square".

Second, other person chooses your item. It is limited to only 12 items. Out of thousands of Etsian who makes square theme items, someone think my piece is so cool and is worth listing...

Wow... thank you... I'm speechless... I'm honored to be chosen in the treasury...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Architecture Inpsired Square Earrlings With Imaginary And Real Lines

Something new for this week... Architecture inspired design earrings....
It's made of square sterling silver adorned with blue and light blue beads.

Square shape is very symmetry and has the balance point right in the middle. I usually put two lines, vertical and horizontal, to emphasize this. This designs shows that balance can still be achieved in a different way.

I emphasize on the horizontal line by putting small horizontal line. In addition to that, you can see an imaginary vertical line formed by the two blue beads. The blue beads are bigger compare to the horizontal wire which creates a "bigger" imaginary line. This helps create a balance on this design. Also available in green.

To learn more about this earrings, please visit me Etsy store.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I was in the ditch on I-94 and Pewaukee 294 exit

There is always a first time for everything....
Today, after living 10 years in Wisconsin, I had my first experience skidded of the road.

We were on our way to Marquette University for their outreach program. I was driving at around 45-50 mph. The highway was a bit snowy. It was all right until at one point I felt I was driving on a snow and the car started to skid.

I tried to handle the car calmly even though my daughter was screaming in the back. It felt like riding the snow tube... The car was out of control and it's at the mercy of the force.

Out of those possibilities that could happen to a skidding car, I got the best outcome.
There was no car or semi behind me. The car skidded to the right instead of the left that could hit the median. The car stopped in the ditch, less than a foot from a fence, with no single scratch.
I did not harm anyone, I did not break anyone's property, everyone is safe and sound.

"Thank God...!".

Still shaken, I tried to back up the car. Of course, it didn't take me any where. So, I finally called 911. The Pewaukee police came about 10 minutes later. Then he called the tow truck.
While we were waiting, I called hubby, who is stuck at home with the baby.

The tow truck came, pulled us out and I paid $ 85 plus tax for the towing. Quite expensive for a first time experience...

Now I'm at home, still shaken even though it happened about 2 hours ago...

Next time I'm out and about... I will always remember to drive very slowly in the snow...

Next time I'm out and kiss hubby good bye,... I will really mean it. It might be our last kiss...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's day,...

Lovely picture for a lovely day... Happy Valentine's day...
If you wondering what to do on Valentine's day, try watching "Fireproof"movie...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Waukesha Toastmasters 1173 got a visitor from a Brownie Troop 2131

Admit it....! To some of you, public speech is a fear... Just like me, public speech was a no-no... Until I "forced" myself to join Toastmasters. Now imagine how it feels for a 7 years old do a public speech (in front of adults).

On January 22, 2009, Abigail did her very first public speech in front 20-30 Waukesha Toastmasters members.

The idea came from my past experience. As a past member of Waukesha Toastmasters, I learned one of the most important thing in my life... I gained some self confidence.

When I read Girl Scout Cookie instructions which talked about the reasons they are doing this activity, which is helping develop leadership skills and self confidence, I had an idea for Abigail to do her Girl Scout Cookie sales pitch in front of Toastmasters members... and hopefully she would develop some self confidence too.

Toastmasters members are adults. They do have youth group which is aimed for teens up to 18 years old. So I think, for a 7 years old to do a presentation in front of adults, it may be a big task to do.

I wasn't sure how she would react when I told her my idea. With my amazement, she reacted very positively and started drafting her speech. She even typed her speech draft in the computer...

With few practices and some inputs from her dad and I, she did her first public speech . The speech was well received and ended with glorious applause from the members.

From this experience, I learned something important. Don't under estimate what a child can do. Always,... always encourage our children to reach the highest star in the sky.

Monday, February 2, 2009

First Communion Bracelet Special...

Order this personalized sterling silver and pearl first communion bracelet by March 16, 2009.

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