Sunday, March 18, 2012

Baked potato ooops...

Oops ... It happened many times.

Just like today, I suppose to make baked potato for dinner. I set the oven to bake to 400F, then I set the timer for the soup... not realizing when the timer went off, I actually cancelling the baking as well... I thought I had a nice warm baked potato... I actually have a cold, uncooked potato. Dinner should be ready in 15 minutes... What should I do?

Hubby googled how to make a baked potato using microwave. It's pretty easy. Cut a deep 'X' on the potato, cover it with wet towel and microwave it according to the size. Not knowing the definition of big or huge potato, I just do a trial and error. I set for 5 minutes for 1 potato and it turned out beautifully. I put all 3 potatoes and set for 5 minutes it turned out OK. I needed more minutes, so I added another 3. The dinner is ready on time. Everyone thinks it's a good baked potato dinner.

It's one of the time when I said to my self that I'm glad I made a mistake as now I know how to make baked potato using microwave.

Wouldn't you agree?

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Make your own toy: A creative, green and economical ideas

Boxes-boxes... we got a lot of boxes. Toys-toys-toys... I do need some toys for kids activities. We decided to collect those boxes and choose one day as a "make your own toy" day.

I challenged my 5 years old to design a toy out of boxes. I threw some ideas, including designing a cell phone, camera, laptop, robot, car...

Then, I gave her a piece of paper. The challenge was she needs to plan her design... mom will help cut.

She decided she wants to make a robot. Here's her plan.

She will need two boxes for head, butt, arms and toilet paper rolls for neck and legs.
Along the process, there are some design changes... including some "improvements" in adding eyes and choosing a lighter material for arms.

I helped her cut the holes using scissors and knifes and helps construct the pieces. We never attach the arm as it keep falling out. Besides, the bot long neck was good for grabbing. She played with the bot for tow days before she started asking when she could make the lap top.

That would be our next project...

And the next one she wanted to design a car... We need to collect a larger box for that...

I like the idea of designing your own toys from. First, it challenges your creativity and imagination. Second, we recycle. It's a two fold activities that is really economical.
Wouldn't you agree?