Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year 2011...
May the year brings a prosperous year....

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Home made monster spray

My 3 years old thinks there's a monster in her closet. She doesn't want to sleep by herself. I remember that my friend told me there's monster pray that is guarantee to scare even the scariest monster.

I happen to have an almost empty glass cleaning spray bottle, about 2 oz. volume. I remember reading about home made atomizer. After emptying the bottle, I filled about 3/4 of the bottle with rubbing alcohol that I got at a pharmacy. I happen to have lavender essential oil. I put in a few drops, shake the bottle and label it ( so no one will accidentally use it as glass cleaning solution) .

I tested and I could smell lavender. I ended up adding more lavender oil because I want it to be more "potent"

So far, it works well. My daughter do believe it is potent and she will sleep by herself at night. She believe it works as she can smell the scent. I some time use it in my room too, just to give a nice smell.

I learned one of the lavender essential oil benefit is remove nervous tension. So, it helps soothes my daughter to sleep.

Best of all, it's cheap... nothing beats home made... :)
Wouldn't you agree?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Three MATC students made it to Museum of Wisconsin Art Exhibits

Three MATC ( Milwaukee Area Technical College) metal technique students pieces was selected to be at The Best in Contemporary Craft exhibits on January 1-March 13, 2011.
They are Shelly Culea, Jon Hughett and Conny Karman, students of John Strachota and Al Jeanonette.

About total of 40 artist will exhibits their best pieces in the annual event that is sponsored by
Museum of Wisconsin Art and Wisconsin Design Crafts Council.

This juried exhibitions highlights the best in craft today from WDCC member.

The Wisconsin Designer Crafts Council, founded in 1916, is dedicated to
fostering excellence in fine crafts throughout the State of Wisconsin.

Through its educational and professional services, among Wisconsin
artists and the crafts community.

The Museum of Wisconsin art serves the public good by collecting,
conserving, documenting, and exhibiting visual art that represents the
state's unique art history throughout the ages. The museum promotes
appreciation and creation of visual art through engaging programming and
educational resources for all ages, thereby enriching the lives of
everyone through the transforming power of art.

Reception will be held on January 9, 2011 from 1:30pm-4 pm.
It's a great opportunity to meet the artists and

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A greener Christmas

We got Christmas presents for the family. The kids were excited, every one is happy with their Christmas gifts. I ended up with ripped gift wrapper, plastic and boxes. The next day, I piled up the recycling bins. That was last year...

This Christmas, we do something greener. We re-use those shirt boxes we got from the store from last year. Wen re-use the nice shopping bags from the stores.

When we order from online store, we kept the box as we got it from them. Yes, we tagged them so we know who are those items for. We use gift wrapping paper for those items that is really necessary, e.g gift for a friend.

Today, as we open up our gifts, I keep the t-shirt boxes for next year. We re-use big boxes from online stores for Goodwill items.

We produced a paper bag full of papers and a plastic bag full of plastics and those goes to recycling bin. We were amazed how much garbage we produced compare to last year. I thought this is a pretty good idea worth spreading.

Wouldn't you agree?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Why do you need an image consultant?

At first, I was skeptical. An image consultant? Why do I need her? I can always go shopping, buy a new outfit I like and done... right?
Well... it's not that simple.

I decided I needed a help from Kimberly Gomez, an image consultant from Impeccable Image, LLC to help me with an very important event, a gallery opening night at Museum of Wisconsin Art in January.

I emailed her the dresses I liked, so she knows my style. Then, we meet at Boston Store at a certain date and time. She's already there when I arrived and she's very professional.

In an hour, I already have 10-12 dresses tried out and narrowed down to three. Then, we head out to look for boots. She pointed out which boots that would fit my outfit and why it would looks good on me and which ones that are not. We narrowed down to two boots. She's such a queen of a deal. She could snatch out nice boots with best value price.
Then she help me choose a couple tights.

I was looking for coupons in the Sunday paper and none of those has coupons for the day I needed. Guess what, she's also prepared with a printed online coupons for me!

Towards the end, she even talked about how's my hair, make up and purse should be. At home, even my hubby agreed that it was worth the effort.

Now, why do you need an image consultant?

1. A trained people (not a mirror) will be able to see what are your strengths and weaknesses. How would a dress fits your body well from the back, front, side and you personally. Best, she knows how to match up with the event.

2. You think you know your style? Try again. After this experience, you will amaze to find out how the dress you thought "it's not you" would be a "perfectly you"

3. Never in my life I can try out 12 dresses in an hour. If I would do it myself, I probably would spend 1.5 hours just to choose the dress and another half to try it on.

4. She's your girl friend and more. Kimberly has a pleasant personality that you thought you've know her for ages. She's honest with her opinion and you can count on it.

And yes... next time I need to revamp my outfit, not only for parties but also for working outfits, I will sure think about her.

That's truly one best experience I've ever had.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


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Monday, December 13, 2010

Big dipper lentil necklace

It feels like Big dipper necklace in 3D... new from Bigib designs.

It is a lentil shape pendant with Big dipper constellation drilled on it. The piece is made from two 5/8" sterling silver disc, domed, drilled and soldered. Two end is carefully filed to create a hole where the chain will go through. The chain is permanent to this pendant.

It's surely a great gift for a stargazers...

Don't you agree? To learn more about this, please visit