Friday, August 31, 2012

Downtown Aquarium Denver

What we did to celebrate the last week of Summer?
We went to see sharks...!

We spend the last day of summer at Downtown Aquarium.
I felt I just found a gem in the middle of the town. I can't help noticing the very attractive brick work outside the building. Inside, it's filled with fish and more fish and tigers. Yes, tigers from Indonesia lives there.
I only saw 1 tiger, but they said they have 4.

In addition to those, we saw "real mermaid", swimming, singing and even a photo opportunity. Wow, what a great place to end the summer holiday.

What do you think?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Team building game idea

Looking for a team building game? How about Egg drop? Here's how it works.

You'll need at least 2 teams.. It could be a random team or men vs women, or adults vs kids or anything...
Materials needed paper, plastic bags, tape, egg and scissors. You could add some items such as string, rubber band or any material you think could help with the game. You can limit the quantity such as 6 papers, 2 plastic bags... etc ( in a real life, we have to live with budget) or you can give unlimited material and choose the most creative one... or anything depending on your objective. .

Location needed: at least one floor high. The assignment is to design a "vehicle" that would help protect the egg from cracking. Time allowed to design and build the vehicle would range between 15-20 minutes. Before the vehicle is "launched" the team needs to explain their design concept. Then, the egg ( = the passenger) will get in the "vehicle", then the vehicle is dropped from at least a one floor high. If no egg cracks, the more creative team would be the winner.

Last week, I decided to do this game between a group of men, women and kids. It is very interesting to see how different each team come up with.
The men, came up with "air bags" idea to reduce the impact on the egg. The women, came up with "stuffed bag" idea, which is similar with the kids but with different design. All uses "parachute" idea.

No eggs cracked on the first drop. Then, we decided to take the "parachute" away... Still no eggs cracked during the test. However, the men's egg cracked due to mishandling and not so much due to the impact. And the last egg standing was the kids design.

It's amazing how creative each group solve the problem. What do you think?