Sunday, July 22, 2012

Installing Sommer garage door opener

Did I tell you I've been naughty? Yes... instead of making jewelry, I've been doing something else... like installing a garage door opener by ourselves?

Well... as you probably can guess, after moving, there are a lot of things that needs tweaking to make the house, our home. After living in the house for 2 months, we really think we need a garage door opener. 

I did some research in the internet and found this item that I've never heard before. It says it's made in Germany and many comments said it's easy to install. After careful consideration, e.g price, noise, installation, I chose Sommer garage door direct drive. We ordered from Home Depot, thinking that if all things fails, I could ask them to install it. 

 Hubby is so not handy. After looking at their installation video, I'm pretty sure we can do it. After we open the package, we inventory everything. There was a couple washers missing. 
The manual is pretty clear. With online video and manual, we were able to put the garage opener in less than an hour. But, the harder part is finding the studs, centering, testing and connecting the cables.

There are 2 perforated strips that come with the opener. We use that for "hanging" the opener from the ceiling. We need to buy extra angle steel to connects to the studs... Well.. on second thought, may be not necessary... but we did it anyway.

It's amazing quiet (compare to chain drive) and easy to install. I must admit that I'm pretty impressed with my hubby (even though he's not handy, he could do it).
May be, the "weird" thing is the remote control. It does have a clip for our visor but I think it's designed for a "key chain".

Other than that, I have no complaint. It's quiet, the price is competitive with others... perhaps the best one is we save some money by installing it ourselves...
Besides, it's a good project to impress your inl aws or may be future wive? :)
What do you think?

Monday, July 16, 2012

DaVinci Machine Exhibits

DaVinci Machine is on exhibits in Denver Pavillion. Yes.. I just have to see it.

He invented machines using the basic physics like using pulleys, gear, wedge, lever... etc. I think one that caught my attention is the Da Vinci self supporting bridge. 

At first, it looks very complicated. It's looks somewhat similar to weaving a basket using pieces of woods. And it's amazingly strong enough to carry weight. I love the guided tour. Who would have thought that he has invented a bicycle a long time ago...

The exhibits in Denver will end on September 2012.
I think it is a great experience to be able to see the genius work.