Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cheap Jump Ring Maker

As a jewelry designer, creativity doesn't stop in just designing jewelry. I also try to be creative in finding tools.

I am in need to make jump rings... a lot of them. I found in a jewelry magazine that one of the jewelry supplier store carries a jump ring maker. It looks great, very user friendly but the drawback for me, costs a lot...

I decided to look for alternatives. I was searching for pvc pipes, pencils, aluminum tube, anything round to wrap the wire... I stumbled on a wooden dowel. I found mine at a craft store. It comes in many different sizes. Armed with coupon, I got a wooden dowel no more than 99 cents a piece.

I also need a hand saw and a bench vise.

Here are the steps:

1. Choose the dowel according to the diameter jum pring you need. Use a dead soft wire.
2. Cut the dowel about half of your hand saw length. On one end, cut a slit, large enough for the wire diameter.

3. Put the wire in the slit and start wrapping the wire around the dowel. I put a masking tape just to make sure the wire stay put while I'm wrapping around the dowel.
4. Put the dowel in the bench vise and feed the rings towards the end of the dowel.
5. Saw the rings with hand saw. You may cut through the dowel... that's fine.

I do not use cutting pliers to cut jump rings because I intend to close solder the rings. I tried using flush cutter. I wasn't too happy with the result.

I think it IS the cheapest jump ring maker. What do you think?

PS: This is for prospective customer information only and not intended to replace class instructions. Please consult with your teacher before doing any of these steps.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Fox Soup

We have been reading our daughter a book titled" Four Famished Fox and Fosdyke"
Towards the end of the story, Fosdyke made a grand meal including soup. There is a green soup in the picture and my daughter wants it. She asked of I can make green soup for her tomorrow.
I didn't know what kind of soup is it, so I couldn't look for a recipe.

I happened to have asparagus for tomorrow's menu. I always left with hard asparagus stalk and I always threw it away. This time, I saved those. I added onion and stir fry them in butter. After it becomes soft, I put it in the blender and strain it. I then added some chicken stock, cream, salt, pepper and thickened it with corn starch. It turned out good (according to me).

My daughter was happy to see it...We called it "The fox soup". She played with it, stir it, pretend eating it and finally really tasting it. Only a couple zip... and that's all...

I may have to tweak the taste, but I thought it was a pretty creative idea to use unwanted part of a veggie and make is something interesting.

What do you think?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Bigib's Cube Sterling earrings is on Etsy Treasury

BeadFloraJewels featured my cube sterling silver with copper accent earrings to be in her treasury...! WOW...! Look on the bottom right corner... yes.. that's my earrings.

It's an honor to be featured in Etsy Treasury. Why? In case you're wondering, Etsy Treasury is a member-curated shopping gallery comprised of lists of 16 items.

Which means, if you are featured in Treasury, you are a rare find...!

Thank you so much for featuring me. Great job Moo Crew...!

Congratulations Green Bay Packers, winner of NFL XLV

I have to admit that I'm not a sports fan. But with all the hype, I certainly can't miss Green Bay Packers vs Steelers game last night.

The TV was on while I was doing something. My 4th graders was watching the game.
It is amazing to see how my 4th grader knows more about the game and the players name than me.

I was in the shower when she started chanting and screaming and knocking on my door and said "Packers touched down.... we won the game..."

I'm happy and proud for Green Bay Packers... Go Pack Go...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Un-heart gift idea for Valentine.

Looking for a Valentine gift idea but you are not quite set with heart shape gifts?

How about this constellation pendants. It's a custom order, two constellations sterling silver pendant. It's great for a couple or your special someone.

To learn more about this piece, please visit

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard in SE Wisconsin

Blizzard hits SE Wisconsin and Illinois area Tuesday night till Wednesday morning Feb 2.
Here are some pictures from Waukesha area.

We were expecting up to 12" of snow. I'm not sure how much total snow we got as the wind move things around. There are areas in our driveway that is only have 1" of snow, there are areas that is about my hips... We couldn't find our stairs this morning. Here's the picture after it was dug out...

The mailman didn't make it to our house on Wednesday.... The mail boxes are almost buried with the snow. See the red box.

Even our window got covered with snow. This is a picture of a semi basement window. It's a mix of powdery snow on the top and sticky on the bottom... great for snowman but heavy for shoveling. Thank you to our neighbor, Mr. Batchelor, who helped us removing the snow. What a great neighborhood we live in.

The kids are home as it's a snow day. One started digging and found a "treasure". The next interest party came to join. They decided to make a "fort".
Are you ready for a snow fight?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Boys Personalized First Communion Gifts

NEW from Bigib, a personalized boys sterling tie chain.

It's made of sterling silver button loop tie holder, chain, adorned with round charm stamped with the child's name and a Ichthys (fish) symbol. An outline cross symbol also available.

It fits boys size tie with measurment 2.5" on the widest part. The chain is removable for easy attachment.

To learn more about this item, please visit