Monday, March 31, 2008

Innovative Sterling and Copper Earrings

Happy Spring break...
How about this happy earrings... it's can be worn in different ways. The trapezoid sterling silver is decorated with sterling wire and balls. It has 2 holes, so you could ware it different ways...
I think it's an innovative idea... wouldn't you agree?
To learn more about this item, please visit my Etsy store.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Introducing Mindy Kuen

You may noticed I mentioned Mindy before, like in one of her piece I made.

I met Mindy Kuen through Etsy. She's my first WIST er that we exchange gift for "Christmas in July", and who is full of ideas and energy. So, I decided to feature her.

I began by asking her, can you tell me about your background.
Mindy: I come from a "crafty family" we have always made things from clothing to curtains and everything in-between! They have always been very supportive to me.

Why do you use the material you're using to express your creativity.
Mindy: I like fabric because there are SO many things you can do with it! I can decorate my house or myself with it!

Bigib:What's new project you're working on, or anything coming up?
Mindy: Oh my - my list is sooo long right now! I am making some cute key fobs, wristlet bags, aprons and dish gloves! I am also making new jewelry with some great new pieces I have come across.

Bigib: How is your design process.
Mindy:Literally an idea just smacks me in the head thru-out my day. I keep a little notebook in my purse to jot them all down. When it "hits" me like that I get very excited to go home & try it out......

Bigib: Do you innovate?
Mindy: I sure do try to! Some of the wristlets I am making use fun "upcycled" candy-wrappers.
I am so happy to be able to have an outlet for my creativity......I work in an office all day & just love to be able to sit down & make something. It is great also to see people enjoy something you've made.

To learn more about Mindy's beautiful pieces, please visit her Store

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Coral Turquoise Flower Field Necklace

I'm so looking forward for Spring. It's snowed today in WI. I thought this necklace would brighten this gloomy weather.

It's made of sterling silver sheet, embossed, decorated with hammered sterling silver wire
Great for Spring...
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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Lampwork Bracelet

This lampwork bracelet suitable for spring. I call it Spring Green...
It's made of artisan lampwork, swarovski crystals, Bali silver, connected with wire wrap technique.
To learn more, visit my Etsy store.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter...

Happy Easter everyone...!
I found this interesting link that gives idea for moms including some kids activities. I think it's interesting to learn how other moms from different country do differently ...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Saturday Night Specials

It's Saturday...
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The Incredible Egg to the rescue... How to oxidize sterling silver with egg

I ran out of LOS (Liver of Sulfur) to blacken my piece. I don't have anything to purchase at this moment other than I don't feel like ordering one LOS plus shipping. I remember reading about using hard boiled egg to blacken jewelry.
So I decided to egg my jewelry.

First, hard boiled the egg. Prepare a plastic container to put your jewelry and egg. Then tie the jewelry on the lid (tape will peel off because of the heat).Don't let it touch each other.
Second, place the egg on the container and crush it especially the yolk.
Third, leave it for about 30 minutes...
Voila... you get an oxidized item.
Not too happy with the result and you want it cleaned?
Check out my posting about how to clean sterling silver with items you found in your kitchen...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Nautical theme earrings...

A pair of nautical inspired earrings... Made of sterling silver with silver plated steel wire dangled on sterling silver French wire..
Great for summer...
Wouldn't you agree?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Feels like spring...

It's high 40's... and it feels like Spring. The snow is melting, I could start seeing greenish grass popping out from the snow... and I stayed outside and enjoy the warmth... I just have to take the picture of our neighborhood.
Guess what...I didn't make any jewelry today...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spa experience at home...

The package I have been waiting for has arrived today...
I ripped the envelope and my nose starts to "devour" the coffee smell that comes out of the package... ahhh the aroma of favorite. I got death by chocolate lip balm and espresso mocha for myself and the pure goat milk and honey for the baby.
This night, after a long day working, I looked and smelled the soap again... I was having hard time deciding if I should take shower with it or.... eat it? Smells just like mocha drinks...
Well... I decided to take shower... It was very creamy mocha smell soap. It made me fell like in a milky bath... aaahhh.
Thank you Jus, for the experience. Great experience for moms who needs a break...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Hand Stamped Disc Name Pendant for Isabelle

Here's a necklace for Isabelle of Switzerland. She ordered through my Dawanda store.
After several email exchanges, we decided on the order design.
Looks adorable. Wouldn't you agree?
Thank you Isabelle...

Friday, March 14, 2008

Thank God For What You Have...

It's Friday...
TGIF... but today, I want to add something, TGFWYH.

I recently saw a picture by Kevin Carter, a Pulitzer winner.
It's a picture of Sudanese child stalked by a Vulture. The picture broke my heart.
I can't show the picture in my blog as it will break my heart again, but I'm going to give the link

I was born and raised in third developed country. I could imagine how it feels to be hungry and no food around. I was exposed to similar experience before.
Sometimes, we compare ourself with the Jones. We would like to have a bigger house, a boat, new car... but then, there are someone who doesn't have anything at all.

Tonight, before you go to bed, please pray for those who doesn't have a bed to sleep on, who doesn't have a roof on their head, who doesn't have food in their tummy. There are millions of people like this. If you can read this blog, you are among the lucky ones.

Not only TGIF, but TGFWYH Thank God For What You Have.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pencil sculpture and jewelry by Jennifer Maestre

With a 6 years old at home, I have a bunch of old pencils. I wonder what to do with them? I knew if I give those to Jen, she would turn the pencils to sculpture and jewelry. I'm so amazed with her pieces, so I decided to interview her.

I began by asking her "Tell me a bit about your background"
I'm a graduate of Mass College of Art, I majored in Glass. After I graduated, I didn't have the funds to continue with glass, so I played around with other materials, and eventually, pencils. I've been making sculptures out of pencils since 1999, and jewelry out of pencils since 2005.

How do you get ideas. I play in my brain, or even inspired when I'm in shower, then I work on it. Some sit down, look at it and get inspired.... How is your design process.
haha, all of the above! I'll take my inspiration where and when I can get it.

Bigib: How do you innovate?
Jen: I have found that making items better means making them slower. I have come up with a few tricks, through lots of trial and error. Some of my new projects are inspired by suggestions from others- for example, someone asked me to make earrings, which I didn't do when I started. I listen to what other people have to say about my work, they always feel sorry for me, since they think I must be bored with my painstaking processes, and want to help me make things faster.

Why do you choose the material of your choice.
Jen: I use pencils in my sculptures because of the textures and colors. I have lots and lots of them at my studio, so I guess it is just natural for me to use them for my jewelry, since they are always available.

To learn more about Jen Maestre's jewelry, you can visit her etsy store

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bookmark in a CardTM, an innovative idea.

See how much the art of innovation book really influence me?
Well... I came up with this idea. Bookmark in a CardTM.
It's a bookmark, it's a card. The recipient could take the copper bookmark, and the front part of the card and use it as a bookmark. A value added and innovative idea.
This card will be published in February 2009 by Laura McFadden's"1,000 Handmade Greetings: Creative Cards and Clever Correspondence"
Wouldn't you agree?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fresh water pearls with sterling silver lentil shape pendant.

This is one of the most challenging pendant I've ever made. It's made of two sterling disc, domed, drilled, filed, soldered and polished. The idea inspired by Joanna Goldberg's book. Also comes in blue swarovski pendant necklace.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Big dipper, North Star pendant.

We like to watch the sky, especially during summer, where we lay down on the deck and try find constellation. Sometimes, we make up a new constellation.
Summer is not here yet, but we are so looking forward to it. Here's a new design.

It reminds me of the time when we try to find big dipper. I don't think we could see a cow jumped over the moon... but I believe we found the big dipper.

The pendant is made of sterling silver disc, reticulated, hammered and adorned with copper which arranged to look like a big dipper. Not to scale...
It comes with adjustable black cotton waxed cord.

Please visit my Etsy store

NEW UPDATE... new necklace is just listed. Please click here for current listing.
Earrings also available at Etsy store.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Amber Garnet Necklace "Flower Fields"

Spring is coming... at least I hope so... So, I'm thinking about flowers, flowers and more flowers... I call it "Flower Fields" necklace.
This "flower fields" pendant is made by cutting a piece of sterling sheet, embossing, piercing, brazing, polishing and adorned with sterling wire, balls, garnet and amber, dangled on silver plated nylon coated steel wire. I also have a similar kind in turquoise and coral. Great for a gift or yourself.
Email me at Conny(at)bigib(dot)com for questions.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

First Communion Bracelet for Elizabeth.

I received a super speedy request for a first communion bracelet. With our great communication, the super speedy order was out within a day.
Happy First Communion day, Elizabeth...!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Creative recycling idea using mother boards or PCB?

OK, you have old computer, two laptops, cell phones and many other electronic gadget sitting in your basement. You have been thinking about selling it on eBay or donating it. What else to do?

Still in spirit of recycling, I found this creative ideas in recycling mother board or PCB ( Printed Circuit Board ).
Debby Arem has given the old, used PCB's a new life.
She makes jewelry, office products, clocks, magnets, picture frames and much more from PCB's. My favorite,... the sun catcher. The material was the film that used to design the circuit board.
How do you recycle?

PS: If you have a creative ideas and would like to be featured in my blog, please contact me conny(at)bigib(dot)com

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

First Communion Bracelet for St. Anthony on the Lake Christian Formation Auction

I donated a First Communion bracelet to St. Anthony On the Lake, Pewaukee church for its Dinner and Dance auction. It's their most important fund raising event happened just last Friday, February 29, 2008(leap day).

It's made of fresh water pearls, swarovski cyrstal, sterling silver cross charm and spacers, strung on nylon coated steel wire. The size is about 5" plus 1" extender.

Other than this, I also make hands tamped name bracelets or necklace

I learned that my piece was one of the big ticket item. I'm happy that I could help St. Anthony.

To learn more about my First Communion bracelets or my other pieces, please visit
or simply email me conny(at)bigib(dot)com

Monday, March 3, 2008

How to make one of a kind Cigar box purses.

Talking about recycling, Barnabelle has this idea on creating purse out of cigar box.

Start with a clean box. The paper -over - wood ones are the best . Decide which side will be the "Front" , that is where you will place your image. Usually this works best if you choose the side other than the closing flap.
Choose an image, and cut it to fit. Laminate for the best protection . Glue with a good spray glue to the "Front". Edging such a ribbon or braided trim covers the raw edges. You can find many little decorative additions in the scrapbooking section of your local craft store, such as stickers, corners , decorative paper, etc.
Place the box with it's "Top" facing you, and drill 2 holes spaced equal distances from the edges. These holes will be where you feed your handle wire.
Bead a pretty handle on stout wire. Use your imagination! Thread the ends of the wire thru your holes, and wire the edges together. Cover this with duct tape.
Drill 2 holes for your clasp. I use round wood buttons with pre-drilled holes. Screw the buttons on, making sure the ends of the screws are on the inside of the box. Glue an elastic ponytail holder to the top button and let that dry. When it is dry, it will stretch over the 2nd button as a clasp. You can add mini tassels, or ribbon bows as pulls.
Measure matching felt to line the inside. Line the bottom as well as the side. You can glue mini purse mirrors, stickers, pretty bows, or buttons to decorate the inside lid.
After it is dry, you can spray the outside with clear polyurethane if you didn't laminate your picture.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Check out SNS

Check out SNS (Saturday Night Specials) starting 4 PM EST.
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