Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Clay activities for parties from Our Creative Outlet.

Needs some activities for your children or adults this summer? Tired of pottery painting? How about making your own clay pieces for birthday party or just relaxing with your friends? Yes, that's what we did to celebrate our daughter's birthday.

Karen from Our Creative Outlet in Delafield, WI offers that opportunity for us. It's all started from a big blob of clay, rolled, stamped and color. Then, let it dry, bake and it will be ready to pick up in the next week or two. You will have all the fun while she's doing all the dirty job (cleaning).

You can be as creative as you can... Sky is the limit. Best of all, it's a piece you can treasure event till the child to go college.

Wouldn't you agree?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Architectural Inspired Necklace adorn with Sapphire

It's art, it's different, it's fun...
That's why I design architecture inspired necklaces.

It's made of sterling silver wire, textured and adorned with tube set lab grown sapphire.

It's so new that it's still my personal collection. If you wish, a special order is available. Please contact me.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Meet Shelly Culea, Wisconsin silversmith

Meet Shelly Culea, A BFA in jewelry and silversmithing from Kansas University,

She's making classic, household silver pieces from tea strainers with waste bowls, porringers, ladles, spoons and candle snuffers that can be used and enjoyed daily.

Her past working experience including Kirchnerʼs Manufacturing, Jewelmount Corporation, Artist in Residence” within the Golden Valley, Minnesota school district

Here most recent projects including preserving work from Emil Kronquist. Emil Kronquist established the Metal Arts Department at MATC in 1913. Mr. Kronquist was born in Sweden in 1882. He apprenticed to Georg Jensen in Denmark before coming to the USA.

Emil was an early member of the WDCC and served on the WDCC Board. Thanks to “Art
Jewelry Magazine”
editor Hazel Wheaton, his legacy wonʼt be forgotten.

To learn more about Shelly Culea, please visit WDCC Facebook or sculea(at)wi.rr.com

Friday, April 8, 2011


Yes... for real. I've seen a picture, but this is the first time I see tadpoles. It's larger than I expected.

A girl at Girl Scout Chinook Center found it. It's still have a tail and hind legs...


Monday, April 4, 2011

Dainty sterling silver pendant for a teacher birthday gift

What are the chances that your teacher birthday is the same as you? That's what is happening with my daughter and her teacher.

For this special event, I asked my daughter, if she wants to give her hand made pieces. She decided this time, mommy will do it for her.

So, I made her a small pendant with the teacher name on it, dangle on a silicone cord.

It's suppose to be a surprise for her... so psssst.. don't tell her about it.

What do you think?

To learn more about this product, please visit my Etsy store..

Friday, April 1, 2011

Swim meet Special Olympics at YMCA Pabst

Ok.. I have to admit... even though Special Olympics is one of my charity list, I've never been in their activities.

Last Sunday, my daughter and I, had the chance to do so.

We signed up to be a volunteer to do anything they need. We arrived at 11 am. After registering ant the senior center room, get a t-shirt, we went for a meeting.

I learned that they assigned us to be the escort. Our job is to escort the team from stating area, to the pool, bring to the award area and back to the staging area. It's simple...

We're teamed up with Matt. Three of us will take one group. Our first group is YMCA swim team for 200 yard Medley relay on lane 5. We took them to the designated lane, cheered them up and brought them to receive their awards. Sounds simple...

During that process, I learned something new. Despite their disabilities, they did their best, really proud of their achievements and really enjoy every minute of it. As I walk them back to the award area, everyone on the bleachers was cheering at them. I was touched and almost had teary eyes.

The process continues. There are 20 events on that afternoon ranging from heat 1-9. We were on schedule and finished 15 minutes earlier. Towards the end of the day, I was tired. I walked bear footed and my heels were sore. So did my daughter.

I 'm glad I have a chance to do this with my daughter. This helps expose her to a new experience and hopefully that would mean something in her life.

If you are reading my blog, this is a chance for you do something different tonight. In addition to your regular prayers, think about what you have been blessed with. And perhaps include Special Olympics in your charity list...

Just a thought...

In honor of Brian (Ben) H.