Monday, July 20, 2009

Home made tumbler composting bin

With the spirit of going green, we finally finish our tumbler composting bin...

It's all started when I saw home made composting bin at Youtube. It even comes with a diagram... After a long thought we decided that we want to try it.

I got the plastic barrel free from local food processor in Waukesha. Since we don't have most of the tools needed, like the saw drill, power tool, it cost us almost $150 to get the supplies and the tools. And since none of us are very handy, we are really working on it slowly.

It took us about 4 weekend to work on it. Perhaps, the most interesting part is the process itself. Both of us have engineering background. You know how engineer think? Very logical but may not be always practical.

Here's what it looks from the inside...

The kids likes to turn it... so I got an extra happy helper turning the compost. Will the bin helps turn to a compost faster? Hm.. will see...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Bookmark in a Card... A Graduates Gift Idea...

I have an assignment from hubby to look for a gift for a graduate.

Hm... as I was thinking though, what would a graduate needs, I decided to go to a book store.
I tried to remember those time when I graduated from high school... I needed to think what life choices to take...

I found a very nice hand made journal... I thought it would be perfect. She could always use a journal to write her thoughts in making choices in life.
Then I add a nice pen and... my hand make bookmark in a card.
What a perfect combination. She could always keep the card or use the book mark for her journal.

I'm very happy with the result...I think it worth blogging... don't you think so?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Raspberry picking... idea for Summer activity

If you missed strawberry picking for this summer, you could try raspberry.

My favorite place is Jelli's Market.
They have more than just berries to pick. Best of all, they are pretty close to where I live.

The kids had fun picking raspberries. Some was eaten on the spot... I had fun taking pictures...

Don't forget mosquitoes repellent when you go berry picking. As much as I enjoy eating berries, I don't want bugs "eating" me...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009 sterling cold connect reticulated necklace

New design...
This piece is made from reticulated sterling silver, oxidized, cold connect with nuts on bolt on a sterling sheet.
The bail is made from square sterling dangled on nylon coated steel wire.
I have been thinking about this necklace since 3 years ago... Yupe,... it finally takes form and I love it...
Wouldn't you agree...?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fourth of July Sale...

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