Friday, April 18, 2008

How to make "My Little Pony" theme soap

Looking for unique item or activity for a birthday? You can make this My Little Pony soap.

Few weeks ago, my daughter celebrated her birthday. The theme was My Little Pony. We decided that we want to make soap and shrinky dinks activities. Not any soap, but My Little Pony theme soap.

I looked for pony cookie cutter or pony mold. But none satisfy the birthday girl. I decided to make embedded pony soap...

Here's how.
First, find a My little pony picture that has a good outline. Which means, even though it's just an outline, the kids could tell that it's a pony. Then, print it to the size that would fit your soap mold. Using clear acetate, trace the picture and cut it. This will become your pony pattern.

Second, melt the soap and color it. We use pink for the pony and purple for the "cutie mark"
Pour it on the top of waxed paper and let it cool.
Third, trace soap pattern on the soap with sharp pointed tool. I use bead reamer...(well... you can tell from the tool I use, I make jewelry...:). I use heart cookie cutter for the "cutie mark" .

Fourth, pour clear soap on the mold, wait till a bit cool, put the embedded pony soap, and pour clear soap again on the top. This how to make confetti soap will help you with the basic.
The birthday girl was thrilled... and mommy was super exhausted...n

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Camie Marie said...

This is such a cute idea! Definitely something I'll have to try with my girl and her friends (who love all things pony). Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial!