Friday, October 9, 2015

Disecting Keurig Cups to find what's inside K-Cup

My daughter, who is very curious, saw a Keurig cup in her orthodontist office. Instead of making hot cocoa for herself and I, we decided to take 2 cups home to see the inside.

We brought home a coffee and a tea cup. Here are the tools we use.

  • Jeweler saw
  • Scissors
  • Scale
  • Measuring cup
  • Paper

I have heard so many news about Keurig cups filling in landfill. I looked closely and it looks like it's made from plastic #15. Not sure what is that mean. 

Using jeweler saw, we cut the cup in half. This is what we found. There is plastic component that is holding a small coffee filter inside. 

Total coffee ground inside the cup is about 10 gram. 

I found no plastic component inside the tea cup

Total tea inside the cup is about 5 gram

I looked on the website to see how Keurig works.
It helps me understand why the have to "hang" the filter as the brewed coffee and tea will come out from the bottom part. After people are done brewing the coffee, they throw away the cups and clean the machine. 

My question is about plastic component with hot water. I am not too keen pouring boiling water in a plastic pot because I am worry it will contaminate the drink. It's just my opinion...

Disclaimer: This activity is just to show kids can explore anything they are curious about. I am not endorsed by any coffee company. 

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